Wednesday, July 19, 2006


The Voyage Ensemble exhibition acts as a reflection on the movement of African people and their cultures. It is aimed at fostering relationships between refugee and local South African artists and by so doing break down xenophobia. This exhibition, which hopes to be the first of many, will examine the theme of a journey, movement and change on the African continent and showcase the individual works of 12 visual artists : 6 South African artists together with 6 artists from Congo, Burundi, Mozambique and Angola who live and work in Cape town.
Ultimately the Voyage Ensemble Project seeks to celebrate a journeying together of both visual art and people that is not defined by borders and differences but by a broader understanding of a shared African visual imagery.

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jubajuice said...

hey you voyagers, where to from here, where exactly are those foot steps leading to. i thing yours is a good idea, xenophobia is afterall deep rooted in people's minds, how is this helping, who are you reaching, are you not, perhaps preaching to the converted?