Friday, July 21, 2006

Maurice Lubuela Mbikayi
Maurice Lubuela Mbikayi was born in 1974 in Kinshasa /Zaire now the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Maurice was passionate about drawing mixing colours. This came about as a result of imitating old masters’ artworks and anything interesting. As all other parents of the time in DRC, Maurice’s father opposed his son’s idea of becoming a professional artist. With very much insistence, Maurice managed to enrol himself in an art school.

After matriculating with success in fine art, he decided to pursue his artistic career instead of Polytechnics studies proposed by his father.

Finally Maurice joins up The Academie de Beaux Arts in Kinshasa, where he was influenced by some Congolese Artists like: Liyolo, Botembe , Lema… who are also well-known internationally for their unique style in modern art.

Maurice took also the opportunity to study ceramic .

The Artist participated at several exhibitions in Kinshasa. Maurice travelled to Brazzaville where he became deeply influenced by mixed media artworks and multicultural art. Because of the politic crises and warfare in his own country and Congo Brazzaville, the artist had no choice but to leave the Central Africa to South Africa, precisely in Cape Town where he is living since 2004. And he has exhibited at the Framery Art Gallery, Cape Gallery, Alliance Francaise( Picasso’s exhibition), Association of Visual Art (AVA) ( Portrait exhibition), and at Scalabrini Center.

Maurice has been actively involved in art and visual art organisations in South Africa; being member of “Voyage Ensemble” and VANSA (Visual Art Network South Africa).

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