Monday, July 31, 2006

Painter, Sculpture and Graphic Artist
Sophie Peters born in Johannesburg (1968) moved to Cape Town in 1985 when she was determined to study Art. Completing a two-year course at the Community Arts Project (CAP) in 1987, Sophie lives her Art, both as a teacher and a creative spirit. Although primarily a painter and an avid muralist, she also works in sculpture and graphic arts. She has attended a few residencies / workshops both in Europe and locally and held her first solo exhibition at the Association of Arts in Belleville (1994). Since then she has participated in numerous group showings mostly in South Africa but also all over Europe, the United States and Canada. Her works are included in collections of the South African National Gallery and in the Durban Art Gallery. She has received numerous commissions from parties such as The Robben Island Museum and JUTA for illustrations in children’s books (for these she received an award). After 18 years of living and working from her art the city itself carries her flavour and style, apparent in her numerous murals found in the urban landscape.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Ndongo, the Mundombe styl’ Artist

I came into art by chance. I did not choose it, but it chooses me.
Designing my talent is the most valuable security I would have.”

Derix Raphael Ndongo has a vivid memory of where his talent comes from. His inspirational roots come from the watercolor paints given by his dad at the age of 3 years
The big moment came in 1996 when he started to design and paint images, banners, T-shirts, advertising boards and decoration
This self-taught artist decided to stop his Law university studies in 2000 to enroll the Fine Art College in order to test his artistic abilities. Successfully, he trusted his instinct and found himself marked as one of the new generation graphics and artists of Congo.

My artistic inspiration
After taking part in various art projects and exhibitions by the European Union, and supported by the French collector Eric Villepreux, Raphael realized three traveling expo with theme Mundombe( an African ). These expos express the value to the hard work and the daily life of the African woman.
My inspiration comes from the traditional human code of my family environment.

Derix sculptures or paintings are made of mixed media, fabric; paper, Hessian, raffia fibers, kauris-shells, cold glue, plaster and recycled materials. Real energetic artists enjoy experimenting new styles mixing modern and with traditional materials. His work is mostly realism and abstract
The simple but powerful creation comes to life by incorporating old cultural traditional elements, materials and objects to link the past, the present and the future
Raphael was invited by the Congolese ambassador in Pretoria for an exhibition. Since December 2003, he is experimenting new methods to reaffirm the originality of the African roots by using local and western materials. After his solo “Cultural Renaissance” at the Alliance Française of cape, follows “Racines” an exhibition that displays a wide spectrum of symbols and codes link to Congolese roots. It incorporates the use of modern style painting thru 3D drawings and real instruments of the traditions of the old society in modern style

R A C I N E S…
Timeless African style
Useless of creating new African classics
Not abandoning traditional feelings
Ongoing madness of men and likeness
Not making you blind of deep down souls

They forgot to teach us this ideal
Essence and sense of life: to love…
The result of a pure and original source of inspiration
Do exactly what you want to do
Our single natural past
Our riches
Our roots

was born in Vereeniging, near Johannesburg, in 1970.

2005 June Düsseldorf Art Meets Fashion ...Annette Görtz ...Germany
2005 Nov Top Billing Jeans art works
2006 Feb Milan Dondup Womens Colletion 2006 -2007

Artist Statement
"doing the best you can with the little opportunties that come along,
will get you futher than idly whishing for the big chance that may never arrive"
+27 (0)82 5566 808

Maurice Lubuela Mbikayi
Maurice Lubuela Mbikayi was born in 1974 in Kinshasa /Zaire now the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Maurice was passionate about drawing mixing colours. This came about as a result of imitating old masters’ artworks and anything interesting. As all other parents of the time in DRC, Maurice’s father opposed his son’s idea of becoming a professional artist. With very much insistence, Maurice managed to enrol himself in an art school.

After matriculating with success in fine art, he decided to pursue his artistic career instead of Polytechnics studies proposed by his father.

Finally Maurice joins up The Academie de Beaux Arts in Kinshasa, where he was influenced by some Congolese Artists like: Liyolo, Botembe , Lema… who are also well-known internationally for their unique style in modern art.

Maurice took also the opportunity to study ceramic .

The Artist participated at several exhibitions in Kinshasa. Maurice travelled to Brazzaville where he became deeply influenced by mixed media artworks and multicultural art. Because of the politic crises and warfare in his own country and Congo Brazzaville, the artist had no choice but to leave the Central Africa to South Africa, precisely in Cape Town where he is living since 2004. And he has exhibited at the Framery Art Gallery, Cape Gallery, Alliance Francaise( Picasso’s exhibition), Association of Visual Art (AVA) ( Portrait exhibition), and at Scalabrini Center.

Maurice has been actively involved in art and visual art organisations in South Africa; being member of “Voyage Ensemble” and VANSA (Visual Art Network South Africa).

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Our First Collaberative Work. Babies and All.


The Voyage Ensemble exhibition acts as a reflection on the movement of African people and their cultures. It is aimed at fostering relationships between refugee and local South African artists and by so doing break down xenophobia. This exhibition, which hopes to be the first of many, will examine the theme of a journey, movement and change on the African continent and showcase the individual works of 12 visual artists : 6 South African artists together with 6 artists from Congo, Burundi, Mozambique and Angola who live and work in Cape town.
Ultimately the Voyage Ensemble Project seeks to celebrate a journeying together of both visual art and people that is not defined by borders and differences but by a broader understanding of a shared African visual imagery.