Friday, August 11, 2006

born (1976) in Cape Town studied through the Arts and Media Access Centre (AMAC). She works with multi-media with a focus on painting. Her works were chosen to participate in the Women Spaces in the Visual Arts (2005) exhibition, which was an arts project between AMAC and the Wiks People’s College in Uppsala, Sweden. Her works focus on issues of tradition, ritual practice and social rules regarding women in Xhosa culture and is a call for women to question these practices and their place within them. The same exhibition was showcased at the Iziko Gallery, Annexe.

JULIE FELICITE LOUBELO was born in Congo Brazzaville. After finishing her University studies (1998), she attended the Art School (Ecole de Peinture de Poto Poto) which she completed in 2001. There she worked in a studio managed by master artist, NDINGA where she explored realism, surrealism and the abstract. She has exhibited at the Meridien Hotel, French Cultural Center, UNIC and the Town Hall of Brazzaville.

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